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50 Best Abaya Designs For 2022 | New Abaya Style


The beauty of women is undoubtedly in covering themselves and abayas are for sure one of the most common ways of covering yourself modestly. Abayas are very common nowadays and they make a woman look graceful and pure. Abayas are designed differently keeping in regard the modesty and fashion in demand. Here we have come with 50 different abaya styles 2022 that will make you look radiant and luminous instantly so get ready to renew your wardrobe with these, new abaya styles which will enhance your personality. Starting with everyone’s favourite colour BLACK. You can always complement these Abayas with Gold jewellery Check live gold price.

When in doubt wear black! Black abayas are the most common among women all around the world and they always have been imminent. They look more religious and pure.


Abaya’s are quite trendy these days. As they allow you to keep your self covered while keeping yourself connected with modern fashion trends. The beauty of women is undoubtedly in covering herself and abayas are for sure one of the most common ways of covering yourself modestly. So here we have made a new list with all updated new designs of Abaya you should try this season

Black Color New Abaya Style in Pakistan

Multicolour abayas are also trending nowadays. Colours like pink, maroon, red, purple not only look classy but also give you a radiant look. Girls mostly prefer light colour abayas like pink and sky blue. These colours look fresh and luminous and they add charm and grace to your personality and make you look young and captivating.

Fancy Abaya Style in Pakistan

Fancy abayas are also in fashion, especially for wedding and eves. They give you a fancy yet pure and graceful look. These new abaya styles are for every event whether a marriage ceremony or dinner or any formal event, they will make you look unique and classy without compromising on modesty. The stonework on these abayas is eye-catching. Threadwork of gold and silver is also used to make them captivating and attractive.

Coat Style Abaya Designs 2020

Coat style abaya is also trending nowadays. Girls prefer coat abayas, especially in winters. They look classy and give you a dapper look. Cuff sleeves and beautifully designed shoulders look extremely classic and sumptuous. Girls design them with different coloured scarfs especially of silk and wool which look splendid and exceptionally bright.

Women in their thirties and forties mostly prefer decent colours like grey, and white. These colours look elegant and graceful. These colours add extra charm and aura to your personality. A bit aged women mostly prefer white gowns. White gowns can be styled with fancy scarfs to give them a lustrous and luminous look! so get ready the coming year is yours. Give yourself a break and try adding these modern and stylish abayas to your wardrobe and get ready to look stylish, distinctive and unique among all!

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