Asma Ul Husna by Atif Aslam Realeased by Coke Studio


Meanwhile, the whole world is going through a really tough time. Our hope relies on the supremacy of Almighty Allah. Also, we just entered the last Ashra of Ramadan the month of blessings. Coke Studio which is a leading music show of Pakistan released 99 Names of Allah, Asma Ul Husna by Atif Aslam. The Qalam is really mesmerising and heart touching.

Asma Ul Husna by Atif Aslam

Video only features Atif Aslam with minor instruments sounds in the background. The video has crossed half million views just within 7 hours of its release. Atif Aslam who became extremely popular with Taj Dar e Haram and Wohi Khuda Hai in previous seasons of Coke Studio. Once again has recited the powerful Qalam of Almighty and like past, this too is highly liked by the audience so far.

The Asma Ul Husna Recitation Came Straight From Heart Atif Aslam

Speaking about his most trending recitation of Asma Ul Husna these days he said:

Asma-Ul-Husna, what could be better than reciting the names of Allah? Whatever I am, whatever I have, it all exists because He wills it to be so. This recitation came straight from the heart.

The powerful voice of Atif Aslam reciting the most powerful Asma Ul Husna 99 Names of Almighty Allah is giving people a ray of hope in this tough time. He had previously recited Azan and a cover of one of all-time popular Hamd Wohi Khuda Hai.

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