Careem Downsizing 31pc Workforce 536 people lose Jobs

Careem Downsizing

Careem is a well known ride-hailing service in Pakistan. In the past couple of years, it has emerged as one of the leading companies operating in Pakistan. Have given many people new jobs and opportunities. But like others, COVID19 has apparently hit Careem hard as well and 31pc Careem Workforce is Reduced.

Careem Downsizing 31pc Workforce 536 people lose Jobs

Many companies around the world are trying to save themself by adopting several new strategies. Meanwhile, some are getting improvements with new strategies but some are forced to downsizing. Unluckily it was announced in a meeting that the workforce will be reduced up to 31pc which resulted in 536 people losing their jobs.

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Careem’s CEO said that they have tried to avoid Careem Downsizing as much as possible but their business, as well as other businesses, has been reduced up to 80%. Also, there is no certain deadline by which this can be expected to start recovering. Hence considering the future of the company they had to take these measures.

Mudassir Sheikha the CEO of Careem said:

As we have discussed several times in the last few weeks, the crisis brought on by Covid-19 has put our dream and future impact at significant risk. Our business is down by more than 80%, and the recovery timeline is alarmingly unknown. Our parent company Uber believes in our Super App vision and is committed to the region, but like others in the industry, is also impacted by the crisis.

An Official Statement Given by Careem said:

Today we’ve had to ask 536(31%) of our colleagues to leave Careem. The Impact of COVID-19 on our business has been severe and has forced us to change the shape and size of our organisation so that careem can be here for the long term- Which We Will.

Employees will be covered with one month of pay and benefits for the next 3 months in some cases these benefits have been extended as well.


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