How to Delete Youtube History Super Easy


Many times we search for something which we do not want others to know. While Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. Here is how you can Delete Youtube History.

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Delete Youtube History

If you are using a Youtube on PC follow the following steps:

  • As shown below go to and on the left side tap on the bars and click on History
  • On the right hand, you will get the option to select History type
  • Select the type you want to delete like Search History or Watch History and click on Clear All Search HistoryDelete YouTube History
  • A popup would appear asking you for confirmation

Delete Youtube History on Phone

  • Open Youtube App tap on Library Icon on the Bottom you will end up at the following screen
  • Tap on the three dots in top right corner and tap on History Controls
  • Clear search history

How to Stop Saving Youtube History?

Like browsers provide you with an incognito mode Youtube does it as well. You can turn off saving the history of YouTube. To turn off saving history just follow the steps for mobile as well as desktop. Instead of clearing history on the last step select Pause Search History / Watch History.

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