Kaftan Abaya Latest Designs | New Abaya Style


If you are looking for something elegant as well as modest as a dress Abaya is the perfect option for you. There are New Abaya Styles everywhere and every day. Although every woman likes a different style for themself. One of the most popular ones is Kaftan Style Abaya. Kaftan Abaya is quite trending these days. They are very much liked by women in the middle east. So we just made a list of latest Katan Style Abaya.

Fancy Kaftan Abaya Latest Designs

This Abaya is made up of usually a light material cloth. Mostly cotton, It is sometimes referred to as Butterfly Abaya. As it covers your body from shoulders to toe. To give it a feel of Butterfly look it has wider sleeves. Its sleeves fall down towards your toe giving you a butterfly look. Mostly Black is the most liked colour in Kaftan. Although Some other shades are often liked by some people as well.aftan Style Abaya

While most women like to wear black Abaya there are many who like to try some new colours.

Usually, the sleeves of these Kaftan Style Abayas are embroidered to give them a look of elegance. Like the one in the image below trending Black colour with large embroidered designs on the shoulders.

Simple Style Abaya

Not everyone likes to wear fancy Abaya. So does the beauty of Kaftan is, even if you wear the basic black with no extra design it wavy patterns can make sure you get a chance to be in the spotlight. As abaya has long sleeves that give you a wavy styled butterfly look


If you do not want to go with a scarf on the head you can try a hat. Doesn’t that seem to be cool yet unique?

Here are some of the others Abayas with simplistic designs.



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