Heavy Rainfall Exposes Poor Construction of New Islamabad Airport

New Islamabad Airport Domestic Lounge

Islamabad has been receiving more than usual rainfalls this year. On 6th May 2020, there was a heavy rainfall with a thunderstorm. The rainstorm ended up turning the new Islamabad airport into a wreck.

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New Islamabad Airport which is considered as the most advanced airport in Pakistan. Also is considered as a marvellous airport technologically by many in Pakistan. The airport suffered considerable damage due to the last rainstorm. This has raised several questions on the construction of the most advanced airport of Pakistan.

This is not the first time that airport has been damaged by the rainstorm. While when we consider the cost of its development. The airport had been build with a cost of over Rs. One hundred billion. Which makes it land in one of the highest cost projects of the Country.

New Islamabad Airport Poor Construction

We are a 3rd world country considering that projects with such big budgets and poor output are very alarming. As can be seen in the images sealing and a glass of the New Islamabad Airport have been considerably damaged. The domestic lounge has been damaged here are the images.New Islamabad Airport Domestic Lounge

New Islamabad Airport Domestic Lounge

This is not the first time the building has seen such damage. It had experience damage just close to its inauguration as well and the reason was a heavy rainstorm.

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