Shoaib Akhtar Bashes PCB and Taffazul Rizvi and Fight is ON!


Shoaib Akhtar A.K.A Rawalpindi Express who these days is extremely popular on Youtube. Has hit PCB hard with his claims that PCB is Wasting Cricketers. He criticized PCB Legal team and claimed that the Lawyer has an agenda of making money by dragging and defaming Pakistani Cricketers.

He has highly criticized Taffazal Rizvi who has sent a legal notice of Rs100 million in reply to Akhtar besides apology.

He mentioned Taffazal Rizvi has some deep connections and using his connections he is always able to secure a place in PCB from past 10-15 years. Shoaib in his video said that players are the assets of the country they should not be disrespected.

He also claimed that Tafazzal Rizvi also dragged stars including Shoiab Akhtar, Mohammad Yousuf, Shahid Afridi, and Younis Khan into courts and had eventually lost his cases. But the stars should be respected and should not be dragged in courts.

Younis Khan Backs Shoaib Akhtar Claims

In response to the message given by Shoaib. Former captain and test match player of Pakistan Younis Khan has come to surface with Younis said:

What a befitting and bitter truth spoken by Shoaib Akhtar! It takes a backbone to be simply uncompromisingly forthright. Time for PCB to honestly evaluate his remarks for the betterment of Pakistan Cricket and its players. I stand with Shoaib Akhtar.

Story Continues…

Things became more intense when in response to Akhtar’s claims Taffazal Rizvi sent him a legal notice of 100 Million Rupees beside apology.

Shoaib Akhtar used Twitter to answer the situation and said that he stands by his words and his layer will be sending a befitting legal reply on his behalf.

Lala Intervenes to Cool down the situation

Meanwhile, we were in the middle of this situation Shahid Afridi came on twitter to calm down the situation offering to be the mediator between Taffazal and Akhtar. Afridi tweeted “Shoaib Akhtar was one of Pakistan’s best-ever bowlers and match winners. As he said he respects law and lawyers, I hope him and Taffazul Rizvi can sort out their issues amicably in the coming days. I am ready to help them reach an amicable solution”

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