3 Truecaller Alternatives in Pakistan that work Perfect!

Truecaller alternative in Pakistan

Truecaller from years had become quite popular in the country. As it is a great source to check who is calling you or trying to spam you. But from sometime Truecaller Pakistan Not Working and is blocked some reason and people are quite disappointed because of it. Also, it allows you to block spam calls which is quite a handy feature.

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Truecaller used people saved contacts to make a database for those who have not those contacts saved. It needed an internet connection and you can check out most of the numbers quite easily with it. Almost every number was easy to identify with the true caller.

Nonetheless here are some Alternatives for True Caller.

TrueCaller Alternatives in Pakistan

  • Whoscall

With more than 65 million downloads around the world, Whoscall is the Truecaller alternative. A great feature this App has which distinguishes it from Truecaller is an offline database. With Truecaller you need an active internet connection to check unknown numbers due to offline database it’s not needed in Whoscall.

App has all other features like Call Block, Search for Numbers and more.

  • Showcaller

Looking for an App with smaller size well you won’t be able to find a similar one in less than 4MB. Showcaller is a really small App of almost 4MB size. As it is a light app it won’t be eating your resources as well. The App has also a considerable amount of database that is available online. It is able to find out the names of people calling you and shows you their images as well if available.

The app is quite handy when it comes to detecting Spam Calls and blocking. So all in all its a quite handy App if you are looking for an alternative.

  • Hiya

The App was formerly called white pages Caller ID. Comes with all features that Truecaller has. Blocks Spam Calls, Search unknow numbers and has more similar features as well. A great thing that distinguishes it from Truecaller is that it does not shows any ads. So in case, you are the one who gets annoyed by ads then it’s a perfect app for you to be chosen as an alternative.

hope this helps to solve Truecaller Pakistan not working issue as well.

For more updates stay tuned.


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