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Wedding Abaya: Extensive Guide for Latest Abaya Designs


Weddings are a special event of anyone life. Either you are a bride or you are visiting someone’s Wedding. The most cared subject by women is their apparel. Abayas are the best way to keep you under the veil of modesty. Yet to keep you updated with modern fashion. We will be discussing and sharing the latest Wedding Abaya Designs you should wear on the next special occasion.

Our Extensive Guide covers designs for slim girls as well as Plus Size Wedding Abaya. We have covered the guide for all with these styles you can go to someone specials wedding without any hesitation. Either it’s the Wedding Day or Nikkah. We have covered it all. So sit back and relax while we go through different styles for different occasions.

Abaya Designs For Nikkah

Nikkah is one of the most the important eve in life Bride and Groom. As both are tied in a bond of being husband and wife. Sometimes the Wedding day and the day of Nikah is same while sometimes people arrange two different ceremonies. As Nikkah is purely a religious eve with a small gathering. Here are some of the designs we suggest you may try on your Nikkah. Usually, a white-themed dress is liked by women for this eve.


Bridal Abaya Collection

It’s not only the guest who needs to be awesome. The one with the spotlight is the bride. Not only white can be the best colour for the wedding day. Here are our picks for the latest wedding dress designs for brides.


Abaya For Wedding Guest

Usually, when the term abaya comes to mind an image of a black or white dress comes to our mind. But that is not it. Those were the designs of classical times.

While modern women love to wear modest clothing while keeping in touch with modern fashion. Abaya designs are just like a rainbow. A single colour can do the job but a mixture of seven makes it extremely beautiful. We do not mean that you should use seven colours every time. But we do advise that wearing abaya of multicolours will make you look more appealing.

Navy Blue Abaya Designs

Blue is the most liked colour across the world. No doubt in its elegance people really looks astonishing wearing Navy Blue Wedding Abaya. Here is one Navy Blue Color Abaya that surely depicts its elegance.

Plus Size Wedding Abaya Design

Being a woman you do have to go through a period of pregnancy. Not always pregnancy but not all women are slim. While most of the people always present ideas for slim people here are some of the Plus Size Wedding Abaya Designs.

We hope you like the collection of Abayas for wedding occasions. Do let us know with your reviews in the section below. Do not forget to share it with others.



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